Its been so hot of late. Calls coming in now inquiring about our veg basket. Sadly we cant deliver 🙁 .Not even a single drop of proper rainfall since January . Our few crops on the farm are barely surviving due to the extreme weather conditions. We halted on planting a lot infact we have only planted a small section of the farm with tomatoes, cow peas , white onions, spring onions ,leek onions, sweet potatoes ,beetroots and abit of chives ; just to mention but a few. At least the mentioned crops can withstand the current heat that we are all experiencing.

According to the weatherman, rains are expected to fall in the month of April but towards the end.. [ LORD HAVE MERCY ON US]. We are praying that the rains fall soon. We want to plant a lot . We want our dams to fill up . We want to feed the nation with healthy food. We want everyone to be happy consuming fresh organic vegetables harvested directly from the farm. Guys , lets all go on  our knees and pray for the rains .

By Caroline Moko,

Farm Manager.

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