If there is one pest that has really given us nightmares , its these tiny red mites known as the spider mites. We have tried so many remedies to get rid of them but these little creatures keep popping up after our tomatoes have fruited. They just don’t seem to go away. We have been advised to use neem plus chilli contortions but its just not working. we have also used the metarhiziums but still no improvement .These little creatures are giving us sleepless nights. They just don’t want to leave us alone.

We had two seasons of tomatoes in our greenhouse of course observing the crop rotation rule hoping this will bring the spirit of confusion to the mites but nothing!! The mites really love infesting our tomatoes. I wish one could be able to talk to them to just let them know how much pain they are inflicting on our poor tomatoes and to us  as well since we are not getting good yields from our tomatoes.

we are soon getting some predatory mites from ICIPE which are meant to prey on this particular strain of spider mites. we are crossing our fingers that the predatory mites work.. 🙂

By Caroline Moko

Farm Manager

Sylvias Basket

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