At exactly 0900hrs, mother goat gave birth to her kid .. we named him billy!! Y’all have heard about billy the goat .. yes; So we saw it fit to name the kid billy. He is such a tiny kid but very energetic. He will turn out just fine as he grows up . His body is just beautiful. Its white in color with black patches on its body. He is always bleating if he is not resting or jumping up and down.

I frequently check up on his progress just to see if he is well and in good health. We recently lost two kids on the farm that were newly born and that disheartened us very much. We learnt our lesson of being extra keen with the young ones since they are very delicate creatures!!

So far so good. Billy is jovial and everyone around the farm adores him. When you visit the farm be sure to say hello to billy !!


Caroline Moko.


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